Wednesday, February 5, 2014

primer paso para el paper: un proposal para el miercoles proximo

I need a philosophy paper one-page proposal for next  week (T 5:40pm, T,R 8:25am, Honors 10 and 11 am) 

Full name (to the left).
PHI 2010, day and time of your class
Title of the paper (center).
Roman New Times 12 point.  

You can change the title later, but for now I need a provisional title.

1- A brief paragraph summarizing what you think you plan to achieve. Generally it means the side of the position you advocate + the counter argument you're arguing against.

2- A Reference list (for now they can be provisional, but so it shows you did a bit of internet searching).

How to search for a topic? On google search, write down the topic followed by commas. Suppose you want to know which philosophers have written about animal rights. You write down:  "animal rights" , "philosophers."

First, you look for the most reliable sources: a) Wikipedia, b) Newspapers, c) Magazines, etc. If you get a link with "edu" at the end, it means either a university or a college. These are generally good.